About This Site

The development of this web site has been an extraordinary tale of collaboration. First, LeSanne Etienne spent days designing and fine tuning the look of the site. She has a fine eye for detail and style, and kudos is due her for lovingly integrating my photography into a site that fits.

The next step was to make her design work across multiple platforms. LeSanne built the site originally in Dreamweaver, and while it seemed to work well on our Windows machines with the latest version of Internet Explorer, it was hardly ready for the diverse reality of the Web. Enter our friends, Bev and Steve Tracey.

We knew Bev and Steve had years of experience building web sites, and we knew they had a new Web hosting business, SitesToGo.net, but we hadn't really considered what their expertise could bring to a site such as jasonweston.com. When we asked them to host the site, however, they kindly and gently enlightened us on the difficulties inherent in the design features we had used, and went out of their way to build something far better.

They also integrated their SitesToGo Gallery Manager that lets artists like myself, keep my online portfolio up to date. Using the Web interface they provided, I can manage the site myself without having to write html code. It's not that I don't know how to write html. In fact I do. But I'm extremely busy and I don't have the time to write a new page every time I make a new photograph.

What's really great for me, as a photographer, is to be able to scan one of my photographs and adjust it's parameters in just a few minutes in Photoshop, and then upload it into my gallery and have it immediately on the Web. The SitesToGo interface makes it quick and simple.