Two principles guide my present work. The first principle is the interconnectedness of all life. Everyone and everything affects everyone and everything else. The second principle is integrity, a state of being unimpaired, and also a state of wholeness.

From this holistic perspective, I aim to bridge the gap between the individual and society, and society and the natural world. This is why I focus my camera and my attention on the nude (our natural state), human artifacts, and nature. Inviting the eyes to look more closely creates intimacy between the viewer and the subject, and it is in the quiet of intimacy we humans are most easily touched.

As humans we live in bodies that interface with the world and with each other. Pragmatically, a positive body image vitally supports healthy sexuality, which is an integral aspect of our wholeness. I believe that healing our cultural rift between sexuality and spirituality is an important link in healing humanity’s relationship with the natural world. My photographs are an invitation to inquire about the connections between body image, sexuality, spirituality, and humanity’s relationship with nature.

Jason Weston, portrait by Marci GrahamPhoto by Marci Graham