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Inked Magazine (now Focus Magazine)
August, 2005
Photo spread and story.

Seema's Show: A Life on the Left
by Sara Halprin.
A biography of my dear friend, Seema Weatherwax, who turned 100 years August 25, 2005. My portrait of Seema is on the back cover. Edward Weston's 1940 portrait of Seema is on the front. See my book review of Seema's Show in the August issue of Inked Magazine. Book launched on August 20, 2005.

Black & White Magazine
June 2005
Spotlight with photo spread

The Last Word: West Coast Writers and Artists

Spring, 2005
Two nudes printed in this issue




Edward and Cole Weston

Brett Weston

Kim Weston

Black and White Magazine

Center for Creative Photography